DR3 TV-trailer for the series


is a 4 x 30 min’s TV-documentay series Filmed and Directed by René Sascha Johannsen

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Destination Oh Land is so far a Danish tv-series and we’re working on getting an international version out in 2015. The series was produced by and broadcasted on Danish DR3 during spring 2015 and features internationally acclaimed singer/musician Oh Land in the most close up and honest portrait made on her.



TV-Documentary Directed by René Sascha Johannsen:

The story features popular Danish Comedians Christian Fuhlendorf and Tobias Dybvad.
Through 28 cold days on the road around Denmark, they perform 28 jobs to beat down a growing tax debt.
The footage was edited into 6 episodes for TV and later on a feature documentary for a DVD release.

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The Series was nominated ”Best Comedy” at the Danish TV-Awards 2012 (The Danish Oscars).

“Life in The Emergency Lane is the best Danish TV in years…” -Ane Cortzen, TVTVTV DR.


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