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is a 4 x 30 min’s TV-documentay series Filmed and Directed by René Sascha Johannsen

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Destination Oh Land is so far a Danish tv-series and we’re working on getting an international version out in 2015. The series was produced by and broadcasted on Danish DR3 during spring 2015 and features internationally acclaimed singer/musician Oh Land in the most close up and honest portrait made on her.



TV-Documentary Directed by René Sascha Johannsen:

The story features popular Danish Comedians Christian Fuhlendorf and Tobias Dybvad.
Through 28 cold days on the road around Denmark, they perform 28 jobs to beat down a growing tax debt.
The footage was edited into 6 episodes for TV and later on a feature documentary for a DVD release.

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The Series was nominated ”Best Comedy” at the Danish TV-Awards 2012 (The Danish Oscars).

“Life in The Emergency Lane is the best Danish TV in years…” -Ane Cortzen, TVTVTV DR.


René Sascha Johannsen Vimeo documentary channel:


Directed by Rene Sascha Johannsen

Lukas Graham in the US – DALI (6 ep’s)

Lukas Graham in the US – DALI (6 ep’s)


The ongoing series of so far 6 episodes (12-15 min’s) is financed by DALI Speakers. It’s a branded content series about Danish born singer Lukas Graham. Lukas had massive success in Europe and René documents the continuous success from when he showcases in NYC and LA and is signed by Warner Bros up until the madness that awakes as the song 7 Years is released and the band is up for 3 Grammy nominations. In an intense portrait we feel his pain from the recent loss of his father and follow his ups and downs in the studio and on tour.

René has had absolutely free hands to follow along and tell the story of what has now become his friends.