Directed by Rene Sascha Johannsen

Lukas Graham in the US – DALI (6 ep’s)

Lukas Graham in the US – DALI (6 ep’s)


The ongoing series of so far 6 episodes (12-15 min’s) is financed by DALI Speakers. It’s a branded content series about Danish born singer Lukas Graham. Lukas had massive success in Europe and René documents the continuous success from when he showcases in NYC and LA and is signed by Warner Bros up until the madness that awakes as the song 7 Years is released and the band is up for 3 Grammy nominations. In an intense portrait we feel his pain from the recent loss of his father and follow his ups and downs in the studio and on tour.

René has had absolutely free hands to follow along and tell the story of what has now become his friends.




  • Lightning strikes while waiting for electricity - Cité Soleil, Haiti 2008
  • Gary Busey lights one up in his home - Malibu, California 2007
  • Danish Born singer Lukas Graham is a rebel in the Hollywood Hills - Los Angeles, 2014
  • CW4A2201---XXX-1-small
  • CW4A2078---XXX-1-small
  • CW4A0890 - XXX
  • Super Producer Brody Brown changing his shirt in the studio. LA 2014
  • French singer Cocovan on a Brooklyn rooftop - NY 2013
  • Legendary Dog. The owner had whiskey in his thermo - Baton Rouge, USA 2006
  • CW4A5393-X_v3-small
  • Rapper Liam O'Connor - Los Angeles 2005
  • Chinese man claimed to be a Kung Fu master - Beijing, China 2014
  • Citizen of Bil'in - The Westbank 2013
  • From the Nobody Walks In LA still series
  • From the Nobody Walks In LA still series
  • From the Nobody Walks In LA still series
  • 14-stills-Vlad-ny
  • Off Season Seagulls - Brighton Beach 2012
  • Quim Cardona is a living skateboard legend - Brooklyn Banks, NYC 2010
  • Drummer Ulf Scott has many faces - Denmark 2009
  • Parkour at a Cemetery - Gaza Strip 2013 - (See for videoclip)
  • Desmond Blackman Rhodes and his bike - NYC 2013
  • Sundance winning Director of The Red Chapel, Mads Brügger in his hotelroom - Pyongiang, North Korea 2006
  • In between takes at Angora By Night - Denmark 2007
  • Brooklyn lightning - NYC 2014
  • Soccer player Andersoncha is a wizard with any kind of ball - Cité Soleil, Haiti 2008
  • Monte Carlo is a very popular tv-series and radio show in Denmark - NJ, USA 2014
  • Pin up shoot for DR TV-host Nanna Schulz Christensen - Denmark 2006
  • Ronnie has hope - Detroit 2014
  • Tobias and Floor is made of Lava on stage - Denmark 2013