In 2015 the series has more than 2.500.000 views

The Asphalt series was created by René Sascha Johannsen in Copenhagen for The Danish National Broadcast (DR) in 2008.
12 episodes later René brought the concept to the US and shot and sold 5 episodes to NETWORK A from NYC.

The Copenhagen Series got the JUDGES SPECIAL PRIZE at The Danish Adventure Filmfestival (D.A.F.F.) 2010

and The BMX episode is attending The Filmed By Bike Film Festival 2015


ASPHALT NYC on Network A

ASPHALT CoPenHagen LINK (2008)

Still from another ASPHALT NYC episode – Parkour in the Gaza strip – Shot by René Sascha Johannsen 2013:

Parkour at a Cemetery - Gaza Strip 2013 - (See for videoclip)