The 4 videos where recorded live and all in a day during the period

while René was also shooting footage for the DESTINATION OHLAND documentary.

They spontaneously came together in a collaboration between Ohland (Nanna Fabricious Øland)

and René who shot them on Ronin Gimbal steady rig.

All 4 videos can be watched on

SWATCH’s site

Directed by Rene Sascha Johannsen

Lukas Graham in the US – DALI (6 ep’s)

Lukas Graham in the US – DALI (6 ep’s)


The ongoing series of so far 6 episodes (12-15 min’s) is financed by DALI Speakers. It’s a branded content series about Danish born singer Lukas Graham. Lukas had massive success in Europe and René documents the continuous success from when he showcases in NYC and LA and is signed by Warner Bros up until the madness that awakes as the song 7 Years is released and the band is up for 3 Grammy nominations. In an intense portrait we feel his pain from the recent loss of his father and follow his ups and downs in the studio and on tour.

René has had absolutely free hands to follow along and tell the story of what has now become his friends.